​​​Greenrose Integrated Screen Press "ISP"
 2017 ­­ Greenrose  Screen Press

The Past Year Has Been Fantastic!

Sales Have Doubled Since The Birth of Our Patent Issued in 2001

Allow me to  share some great news with you! My name is John Greenrose and I have developed my Patented Screen Press "ISP" which can be viewed at www.johngreenrose.com  Greenrose Process Equipment Inc. is now doing business as Greenrose Manufacturing, partnering with Rob Greenrose as of 2015. We have made improvements in the appearance of our machine that include: Glass Bead Finish,as well as the height of the stand is customized (to fit all screening.) We will always work together on provide the customer with the solutions that they require. 

The process of my "ISP" allows 100% de-watered solids, while 100% of the fluids are separated. 
 Valuable profit and savings are the result of my "ISP;" in which money is not spent on expensive chemicals or disposable filters; and less money is spent on sewer and disposal costs. Low operator assistance is required and extremely low maintenance are associated with my "ISP."
Screening finer de-watered solids are easier to produce and manage as solids are captured on the screen of a Vibro Energy Separator, then the process can be improved and enhanced with the Greenrose Screen Press. 

A small sample (1 cubic foot) of solids can be sent to my facility for quick evaluation and testing at no charge.

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Integrated Screen Press "ISP"